Mission:  To Preserve and Protect the Interests of Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers in California

Organization: State-wide 501-c6 non-profit association, founded in 1991

Members: Durable goods manufacturing firms throughout the state of California.

Business Advocacy

  • Written and sponsored nine legislative bills on Workers Compensation Reform, Tort Reform, Tax Credits, Training, Regulatory Reform and Economic Development issues
  • Increased public awareness of manufacturing issues by speaking at various public forms
  • Affiliates with various organizations to address the critical issues facing manufacturers
  • Provide testimony at State and Federal levels on behalf of our members
  • Identify and place members in state and local leadership councils



  • Co-founded the Small Manufacturers Institute to focus on education and economic issues
  • Saved many High School and College Industrial Arts programs
  • Led industry’s battle to increase availability of skilled labor in manufacturing
  • Co-Founded the Coalition for Manufacturing Careers which hosts over 800 students per year at the WESTEC Student Summit for manufacturing.


Economic Development

  • Created the California Small Manufacturers Health Trust to maintain a competitive edge in controlling the cost of health insurance.
  • A leading architect in developing regional economic development strategies and models.  Co-founder of the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley.



  • Develop and Sponsor meetings on current topics of importance
  • Produced the Workshop for California Jobs attended by 550 manufacturers
  • Produced the Future of Aerospace Manufacturing attended by 600 manufacturers